It’s no secret that there’s a Burger Renaissance happening around Sydney at the moment. There’s just so many great burger places around and just not enough space in my arteries to handle them. So most of the time, I just sit and watch from afar- my main source of information coming from Instagram and the Fatties Burger Appreciation Society Facebook page. But once in a while (well, more than that when you work close to Bar Luca) you see a burger so epic-looking that you just have to go – no matter how far that burger may be located.

Enter the Zeus Burger – a Greek-inspired twist on the humble Double Cheeseburger with an incredible list of ingredients:

  • Shaved Kebab Meat
  • Double Wagyu Pattie
  • Sumac Onions
  • Quinoa Tabouli
  • Fries
  • American Cheddar
  • Homus
  • Chilli Sauce

Excited yet? I know I was when I saw the pics from fellow food blogger Spooning Australia:

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The problem? Dee Why Hotel is located in, you guessed it, Dee Why – a suburb in northern Sydney an hour and a half away from me. But did that stop me? Nope. I needed to have that burger, and a burger I did have!


The Zeus Burger – As beautiful as it is intimidating

Towering in height, and yet carefully constructed, the Zeus was a beauty. At the bottom was a nice layer of quinoa tabouli and sumac onions. On top of that, fries. Above that sat the double wagyu patties with American cheddar. And finally, the burger was finished with kebab meat and drizzled with homus and chilli sauce. All that between two Japanese milk buns.

To be honest, I’m not sure what the big deal about Japanese milk buns are… It would be great if someone could explain their purpose to me… (seriously! Are they popular just because of their softness?)

That aside, the Zeus burger stayed true to its name. The burger had a strong Mediterranean flavour that came from the flavoursome quinoa tabouli, homus and perfectly marinated kebab meat. The chilli sauce also blended perfectly with those flavours, adding a nice little spice kick that all burgers can benefit from.

Unfortunately, I found that the wagyu beef patties were a little overcooked – in this burger, it seemed just to provide some “padding” for the other ingredients. The strong flavour of the kebab meat, as good as it was, also overpowered the wagyu somewhat…

Overall, though, I thought it was a great burger – visually powerful with some great flavours to match. I’m happy to chalk the overcooked patties down to a rare mistake and can only imagine how much better the burger would be if the patties were as juicy as they were meant to be!

Now when you have a burger this crazy, you also need a side to match. While not explicitly on the menu, you can actually get the Zeus with a side of Truffle Fries!

Them Truffle Fries

I’m not 100% sure, but I assume that these were essentially fries deep-fried in truffle oil. While I’m not actually a fan of truffles, I decided to give them ago anyways, and I was not disappointed!

These were seriously some of the best fries I’ve ever had – fried crisply to perfection: cripsy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. There was also an ever so subtle truffle-flavour in the chips. While I’m not usually a fan of subtlety, I found the subdued truffle flavour perfect here.

My only complaint was the quantity to cost ratio – the chips cost an extra $4.5, but there clearly were not enough of them…

With the burger down, it was time for dessert. I decided to go with the special because the alcoholic in me demanded some brandy icecream:

Chocolate ganache tart, served with chocolate pretzels and brandy & fig icecream

The special was actually meant to be served with pistachio macaroons, but as they had run out, I settled for the chocolate pretzel substitution. That being said, I was blown away by the presentation – I did not expect something this pretty to come out from a pub/bar’s kitchen!

As for the taste, I found that the chocolate ganache was nice and rich. Unfortunately, the tart’s base wasn’t as sweet as I had hoped (I have a massive sweet tooth) and also the texture was a bit too crumbly. The ice cream, while nice and creamy, was a bit too subtle in its brandy flavour. To my untrained palate, I wouldn’t have even picked up on it had I not explicitly been told it was there.

Overall, it was a decent effort – not bad for the price ($10), but I just wish the taste matched the presentation!


When I heard the name “Dee Why Hotel”, I had imagined that it was just your standard pub. Stepping off the bus, and walking across the road to the Dee Why Hotel, that impression didn’t really change…

At the entrance

…until I opened the door and was greeted by an upscale-looking lounge:

The lounge area – so is this a bar or a pub?

Dee Why Hotel was extremely spacious, with a variety of seating areas – from window-side tables to bar tables, and even a sports bar area!

By the windows if you need some lights for your photos
The sports bar area - some good light can be found here too!
The sports bar area – some good light can be found here too!

From a photo-taking perspective, there were some areas with great backdrops, but unfortunately the main areas of the pub/bar were a bit too dark: great for some casual dining, not so great for photos.

Food is ordered from a “hole in the wall” with its enormous American-inspired menu on display:

Order here - menus above!
Order here – menus above!

Alcohol can be ordered from the connecting bar. Dee Why Hotel’s claim to fame is their collection of over 100 beers – including some American ones!

Many beers can be drunk here! Just don’t get too drunk…

I thought the place just looked awesome – spacious with a nice atmosphere. If only there was better lightning during the day in the area with the grid of potted plants! I could have taken some better photos 😉


The good:

  • The Zeus burger was great – definitely a must-try before it disappears from the menu
  • Get the truffle chips (despite their high cost)!
  • Presentation of both the burger and dessert were great – definitely instagram-worthy.
  • Nice spacious, upscale-feeling venue, with a variety of areas to explore!

The bad:

  • My burger was a little overcooked, but I assume this is not the norm.
  • Dessert didn’t taste as good as it looked (but was decent)


  • 3.5 / 5 (RECOMMENDED for the burgers and the venue)
  • I will definitely be back here some time to try more of their American-inspired menu. Their Truffle Burger was their original claim to burger-fame, so that will probably be my next target.

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