The Skinny

That beef patty. Seriously. Extremely soft and juicy, cooked to a perfect rare. The burger itself – the Geezburger – was a classic cheeseburger, which, while boring, was nonetheless very well done. Because of that patty. Seriously.

I recommend that you get to Mister Gees early (they open around 6pm daily), and with a friend, so that one of you can line up (lines start forming even before they open!), while the other takes one of the very limited tables. Mister Gees is, first and foremost, a food truck, so seating is quite limited, which isn’t great given the inconvenient location in which it is situated.

Also note that on any given week, they have only a single burger, a single style of fries, and a single flavour of milkshake, so you may want to check what is on offer in advance to see if the flavour of the day appeals to you.

Presentation: ABOVE AVERAGE | Taste: GOOD | Ambiance: ABOVE AVERAGE | Verdict: 3.5/5 (RECOMMENDED)

The Fat

In many discussions about the best burgers in Sydney, I had often heard the name “Mister Gee Burger Truck” pop up. This place originally started operating around a year ago in a car wash in Burwood, but had since relocated to another car wash in Haberfield.

Now, what was special about this burger “place”, (aside from their unusual love of car parks) was that unlike many of the other established burger purveyors, Mister Gee Burger Truck, as its name suggested, was a food truck. Unfortunately, though, my experience with food trucks and festival food over the past few months hadn’t been particularly memorable; and this combined with its remote location has meant that going to Mister Gee’s wasn’t really a very high priority for me.

Perhaps it was fate, then, that a coworker organised a foodie night out to this burger truck to wipe away all those mediocre food truck experiences…


If I had one complaint about Mister Gee, it would be about their limited menu – on any given day, Mister Gee features only three items on their menu: a burger, some fries, and a milkshake. Perhaps this is born out of necessity – a streamlined menu allows them to serve their hungry customers more quickly, which is especially important given the long lines that form outside this humble food truck even before opening.

That tiny menu and that long line (just after opening)

I guess the reason why I mention this is because on the week we decided to finally try out Mister Gee, it just so happened that the burger on offer was a very boring one (despite the great pun) and the fries were “plain”. In other words, without a stable menu, it becomes very important to check out what’s on offer before hand to see if the menu for the day/week appeals to you.

That being said, being “boring” (or classic if you prefer), doesn’t necessarily mean bad – in fact, the GeezBurger was far from being a bad burger!

The GeezBurger – American cheese, red onion, dill pickle, streaky bacon, American mustard

In Japan, it is said that you can judge the quality of a sushi restaurant based on their tamagoyaki (fried egg roll). The reasoning behind this is that the tamagoyaki is their least popular menu item, and so if a restaurant spends the effort to do it well, it shows the restaurant’s chef’s dedication to producing good food.

Parallels can be drawn between that and the GeezBurger – the GeezBurger is a very simple, classic burger. If Mister Gee can do the classic cheeseburger well, then this quality must carryover to their more elaborate burgers. And in this way, they definitely did not disappoint!

At first glance, the GeezBurger lacked epicness. While well-constructed and rocking the natural sexiness of the burger-form, there was nothing about the burger that screamed “must try”. This was, after all, an era of weekly epic burger specials, and the GeezBurger was essentially a classic (read: boring) bacon cheeseburger.

This impression changed, however, after taking my first bite:

Rare patty, just the way I like it

That patty. Seriously. That patty.

The patty was cooked to perfect rare. What this meant was that there was no hardness in its texture – only the soft juiciness of the beef. While not as greasy as the wagyu beef patties I was used to, the patty here was probably the best beef patty I’d had in a while. It elevated the Geezburger from a simple cheeseburger to THE cheeseburger to which all others must now be compared.

That being said, the rest of the burger was solid, but nothing special (though this is more a critique of cheeseburgers in general). The bun was nice and soft, though the bacon was unfortunately of the non-crispy kind. Despite the presence of both red onion and pickles, the burger didn’t have much texture as a result. And this point has me conflicted – the overall softness of the burger emphasised just how soft and perfectly done the beef patty was, but in doing that, it failed to appeal to my love of texture/crunch in a burger.

The mustard and pickle flavours were appropriately strong, and worked well with the meat. Strangely, I don’t remember a strong cheese taste – it was possibly overpowered by the mustard and pickles.

In terms of presentation, it is generally difficult to expect too much out of a food truck. That being said, burgers have a natural sexiness about them, and this was evident through the solid construction of the Geezburger. I also liked how they came wrapped in foil (perhaps to preserve their heat for their takeaway customers), and came in somewhat stylish cardboard boxes as opposed to plastic plates.

Overall, this was a solid cheeseburger – maybe even the best cheeseburger I’ve had – but was nonetheless quite a boring burger (patty aside).

As for the fries, the fries of the day were unfortunately “plain fries”:

Plain Fries

Despite being called “plain” fries, these fries did have some barbecue-flavoured-chips-esque red seasoning (at least I thought they were similar to that – it was difficult to pin the exact taste).

The fries were well fried – nice and crispy – and well seasoned, but they weren’t anything particularly special. A solid side, but not necessarily worth the extra carbs. That being said of course, Mister Gee does normally have some interesting fries, as can be seen on their instagram account:

Overall, Mister Gee Burger Truck proved that they can do a good burger with their perfect beef patty. Unfortunately, the limited menu available to me on my visit prevented me from rating them higher, but it did leave me looking forward to my next opportunity to try their burgers – hopefully one of their more interesting ones!


As mentioned previously, Mister Gee Burger Truck is a food truck located in a car wash. Even so, it was more than capable of drawing in a crowd, as evidenced by the fact that a line formed even before opening.

Lines before opening

Once the truck opened for business though, a loud speaker started blasting some music, which, while obvious at first, slowly blended into the background as we started to enjoy our burger and fries.

Next to the truck were some tables, chairs and crates. These actually were great for photos with their wooden construction and outdoor/street vibes.

The seating area
These tables actually make for great photos

The limited seating options does mean that Mister Gee Burger Truck isn’t really a place to hang out and chill over a nice dinner – but then again, it is a food truck. I’m not really sure what most people do, though, given that there wasn’t much in the area (there might have been a park nearby, but I doubt anyone actually goes there to eat their burgers).


Presentation: ABOVE AVERAGE

  • The natural sexiness of the burgers elevated the presentation factor above AVERAGE, as did the use of cardboard boxes as opposed to cheap plastic plates.

Taste: GOOD

  • That beef patty. Enough said.


  • Great, but limited, tables for food photos.
  • Limited seating means you should probably just stick around until you finish your food, or just get it to go.

Verdict: 3.5/5 (RECOMMENDED)

  • That beef patty. Seriously.
  • I would’ve rated higher if not for the limited menu – though I’d likely raise this score higher if I get the chance to try out some of their other burgers.


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