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Mister Gee Burger Truck

The Skinny

That beef patty. Seriously. Extremely soft and juicy, cooked to a perfect rare. The burger itself – the Geezburger – was a classic cheeseburger, which, while boring, was nonetheless very well done. Because of that patty. Seriously.

I recommend that you get to Mister Gees early (they open around 6pm daily), and with a friend, so that one of you can line up (lines start forming even before they open!), while the other takes one of the very limited tables. Mister Gees is, first and foremost, a food truck, so seating is quite limited, which isn’t great given the inconvenient location in which it is situated.

Also note that on any given week, they have only a single burger, a single style of fries, and a single flavour of milkshake, so you may want to check what is on offer in advance to see if the flavour of the day appeals to you.

Presentation: ABOVE AVERAGE | Taste: GOOD | Ambiance: ABOVE AVERAGE | Verdict: 3.5/5 (RECOMMENDED)

The Fat

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Devon Cafe

The Skinny

Devon Cafe continues to offer beautifully presented, delicious food. Desserts/sweets are especially on point. Service is friendly, though the ambiance in the front half of the cafe is disappointing (too crowded). Definitely get a seat in the courtyard if possible.

Presentation: GREAT | Taste: GOOD | Ambiance: AVERAGE (based on the front half of the cafe) | Verdict: 4/5 (SHOULD TRY)

The Fat

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Kansas City Shuffle, the Rocks

It’s no secret that I love American food. I genuinely believe that American food, while not exactly fine dining, is one of the best cuisines in the world. From their burgers to their smoky meats, American food is a carnivore’s best friend.

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that a new American place had opened near my work place! And it just so happened that my foodie/instagrammer coworker (who frustratingly took much better photos than I did despite it taking me three times longer) also wanted to try the place out as well.

So off we went to Kansas City Shuffle (KCS), an American cafe and bar located in the Rocks and co-owned by Proud Mary’s Kayne Mordini​. If you’re wondering what the name of the cafe refers to, Wikipedia tells me that it’s a confidence game where a conman let’s his mark believe they have figured out their con only to end up playing right into the conman’s hands.

While not exactly living up to this complicated name, there were some pleasant twists with the three items I ordered…

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Dee Why Hotel

It’s no secret that there’s a Burger Renaissance happening around Sydney at the moment. There’s just so many great burger places around and just not enough space in my arteries to handle them. So most of the time, I just sit and watch from afar- my main source of information coming from Instagram and the Fatties Burger Appreciation Society Facebook page. But once in a while (well, more than that when you work close to Bar Luca) you see a burger so epic-looking that you just have to go – no matter how far that burger may be located.

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